Y8 upload screenshot

It has been a long time since any major changes were made to the Upload Page at Y8 Games. Previously, Adobe Flash Player was used to handle file uploads. It served a purpose to help transfer multiple files at once before open technology like HTML5 could do the same. With Flash quickly losing favor inside browsers, the new look makes it easier to upload games and videos. With the update, it makes it clear that online games using open technologies will have the greatest advantage. We look forward to playing interesting new games with better cross platform support including mobile. For game developers and creators, we are continuing to build the advertising partner program. Visit the Upload Page to see the new look. For players, we will work to preserve all the old games when that time comes. Nearly 50,000 Flash games over a period of about 15 years. We plan to keep that content as we have done with previous games that require a plugin. Going forward, games needing plugins will be less and less common. So more fun games available on more devices.