Although the Y8 Games website may seem like a black box to outsiders, in actuality, we use about 40 open source projects. That’s just at the base level, inside each project, they also rely on even more open source projects. That doesn’t include all the platforms used to develop the games. In total, Y8 Games probably uses hundreds of these free to use code libraries. That includes operating systems, management tools, databases, monitoring tools, web servers, and game engines. Without these tools, making free games on internet would not be possible. Considering how much we use these tools at Y8 Games, we are pleased to announce our new partnerships with a few select projects that bring our community a lot of value.

Phaser 3 robot

1. Phaser 3 game engine from Photon Storm

The Phaser 3 game engine is a marvel at handling 2D sprites, physics, rendering shaders, textures, cameras, and probably a lot more. Since we have a strong Flash games influence at Y8, we see Phaser 3 as the main replacement for the old closed source technology and expect it to lead the way in what is possible to develop with 100% open standards. Basically, a lot of amazing games that are playable on all devices including mobile.

Vue.js logo

2. Vue.js The progressive framework for building user interfaces

Vue.js provides the benefits of reactive data binding and composable view components with a simple and easy to learn API. It is not a full-blown framework, instead focused on the view layer only. Vue.js is easy to pick up and to integrate with other libraries as it’s light-weight and differs from monolithic frameworks by being incrementally adoptable.