Y8 Browser

Let’s face it! There are a lot of Flash games and animations. I once estimated at least 100k games were developed and another 100k animations were drawn. That’s on the conservative side. Y8 host 65,000 Flash games and 5,000 Flash animations as of writing. The lifespan of this media covers the entire early internet. That includes the dot com bubble of the late 1990s and into the early oughts. Later the great recession of 2008, these were some of the best years for browser games though. These two economic events preceded the browser game boom of 2010. Even since the mission of Y8 has been to preserve those games. To keep Flash games playable after the year 2020, we are introducing the Y8 Browser. It encapsulates Flash away from the main browsing experience and hopefully, our Chrome overloads will allow us to continue to serve Flash files. The biggest part of browser game history to date will still be playable! So if you are looking for some old school nostalgia, content for your video game history paper, or need to play Bloxors, we got you.

If you haven’t uploaded your Flash games by now, please hurry!

Download Y8 Browser