Y8 Robot

In the 2010s, Y8 Games distributed games widely across the internet. The technology was a lot different when Flash was the primary tech used to play games online. What is available today, with open standards, the games are even more varied. They can have beautiful 3D graphics like consoles and rich 2D environments like the oldest arcades. The way games get shared on websites has changed as well. Instead of downloading packaged files, framing a game has become common. Online games don’t typically have a single download anymore. That is the reason behind Y8 Games once again welcoming other websites to host our content with some restrictions. The following is a list of games available.


  • Use the embed code provided
  • The only supportable place to iFrame is an embed page
  • Games come packaged with ads, overlaying ads is unsupported
  • Y8 reserves the right to block offending websites
  • Some games may still be unavailable from before