Y8 Robot

At Y8, we knew that the end of Flash was coming for a long time. People have been predicting the end since the late Steve Jobs made the decision that mobile Apple devices would not have Flash. Fast forward to the end of 2020 and Y8 was well prepared with the Y8 Browser. It nicely packages Flash away from the main browser and locks down the browser so only trusted content is playable. Even though Adobe planted a backdoor in the latest Flash Player, Y8 was able to get a version right before they had done so. So far, the Y8 browser has escaped any major prosection from our software overloads. Chromium the engine behind the popular browser Chrome also has not forced the end of Flash. For now, Y8 Games seems able to contain Flash in our browser and keep Flash games playable into the future. There was a slight scare about 32 bit Windows not supporting Flash, however, we were able to make an update meaning another 800k players on old devices can again play Flash Games. So the Y8 Browser supports, Windows, MacOS, with hopefully full support for Linux in the near future.

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