pepe pacman

Ever played an io game and wondered how they are made? These games often feature simple mechanics that can be learned quickly. Think PacMan, he has 2 axis of movement. The difference with io games is the multiplayer element. So instead of ghosts, your player is more like Pepe, everyone is Pepe and there are no ghosts. Collecting is still an important element like the arcade counterpart. However, mainly what makes io games interesting are all the random interactions with other players. For this, we created a collection of JavaScript code to give a great starting point for someone looking to implement fast multiplayer games.

The Y8 Instant io Game combines several open source Node.Js modules. We like Node because it was built by Chrome and it’s fast while providing many modules. We added WebPack because it let’s people use more modern JavaScript code. Maximum flexibility to create fast, as io games should result in quick demos that you can test and iterate often with. The game engine uses Phaser 3 as it has many examples and is quick to learn. Yet, it is powerful for 2D games. Anyone looking to build an io game, check out the above link for instructions on getting started.