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Ever wanted to own a giraffe, tiger or an orca? Now you can! is proud to present our first crypto-collectable game:

If you heard about CryptoKitties, then collectable tokens are already familiar to you. These tokens are truly yours, safely stored on Ethereum blockchain. You can trade them, give them to someone or sell them at any time. But now there is more to it!

After all, a serval is basically bigger, fiercer kitty. And that means fighting. A lot of it! In CryptoServal, you can form the perfect team of animals in order to defeat powerful bosses. Every time you attack a boss, your animals get some experience. If you are able to win, you can even receive gems and a chance to spawn an offspring!

Each boss on the map can be owned by a player and yield passive rewards for them. Be sure to check out to get your own!

Also, join us on the Cryptos Serval Discord.